Ferrite Armor for Mixamo Fuse


FERRITE Armor for Mixamo Fuse is a fullbody sci-fi garment for female figures. I had in mind a ceramic-composite armor designed to impede electrical discharges and shield against electromagnetic radiation, but it might also be just a fun fashion statement.

3 Substance™ Presets:
– FERRITE INSULATOR silver age comics and space rocket adventures!
– FERRITE PUNK dystopian cyber renegade or a citizen of the TESLAverse
– FERRITE ASPEN a fun winter outfit for enjoying the outdoors

insulator fullbody

Punk fullbody

Aspen fullbody

FUSE ASSET To Install add to the Mixamo Cloths folder; find under “bottoms”
8 Substance Zones: Collar, Top, Sleeves, Gloves, Corset, Pants, Boots, Treads
Ambient Occlusion Map drives shader effects like Dirt and Shadow
Polygon Occlusion Map removes unseen polygons from the Fuse figure
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